Decin – Podmokly

Our proposal would rather be understood as a set of measures and partial changes that naturally fit into the local context or give it a different expression and expression.

Decin city
Ting architects
Urban design
30 000 m²


The Target

Our goal was to integrate the urban-social element into the structure of the project. The local community and its activity strongly influence impact of changes on the design area. We tried to strengthen this aspect with a system of so-called pocket parks, that is, parks with a micro-area of one street, one block or one house. It is a space that should be shared by the neighbours together by establishing social ties. On the site plan the big park is too far from you when you just want to sit on a bench, greet your neighbours, take your dog for a walk or read a book. Such a place is designed for neighbourhood. It would be good to support the importance of the place itself with the pocket parks that are not hold by the city but by local users. Instead of growing flowers just outside your windows, you can grow them in this place that makes the place yours.