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TING is a young czech architectural office, formed by highly skilled and experienced architects, providing architecture, interior design, master and urban planning for both public and private sector.

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The founding team of three members – Štěpán Toman, Claudia Schmidt and Daniel Kolský was formed at the beginning of 2011 and each member brought their experience into the partnership.

Tree different personalities and we do not perceive their approaches as limitation. Cooperation without tightly defined hierarchy expands our horizons and motivates us to get the best of each assignment. In each, even the smallest, task we try to find a challenge, which is often hidden at first sight and a better approach. That is why our architecture is bold and distinctive. The same applies for our projects where you can find solutions of large urban challenges to detailed design of furniture and utility objects. We are able to work in all measuring scales and for quite different clients.

ting tiŋ ] = is designation of an assembly – places of meeting, of ideas exchange, places where principal decisions are made.

The beginning of cooperation is the understanding of who you are and what your ideas are. We care a lot about understanding your positions and needs, which are essential for creating a good design. At the beginning, any cooperation means especially understanding of your world. Each project starts by analysis of situation and its problems, which the exact assignment results from. It is different to work with a client who wants to invest as a developer or with a client who thinks of a dream house for their family. We are able to work in many of these positions. Generally, the better we succeed in identifying with the clients and all their dreams, the better architectonic solution can be created.




Architekt – Partner


Authorized architect ČKA 3459

After graduated from V.Š.U.P. he worked several years at London’s KPF office, where he also participated in the Danubee House project in Prague, the high-rise building at Shoreditch High Street in London and the new London headquarters of Unilever. After returning to Prague, he worked in the architectural studio AID, where he also worked on the Philharmonic Orchestra and Congressional Center in Zlín, he was responsible for the project of the new faculty of humanities at the University of Zlin. In 2011 he founded the Ting Architecture Office. His favorite project within the office is the unprized competition for the revitalization of Podmokel.


Architekt – Partner


Although Daniel has not completed his formal architectural education, he has a lot of experience within architectural and construction years of practise. In addition to a number of interiors and several reconstructions of residential projects, he is also involved in design. One of its main focuses is the design of cafes and gastronomic services. In addition to architecture, he owns several cafes. Within the office, he is most interested in projects to revive Brownfiles.


Katarína Valičková
Idil Kucuk
Jitka Dvorská
Tereza Cihlářová


Claudia Schmidt
Veronika Vítková
Zuzana Kusková
Merisha Helibegovic Bayrakar
Andrea Hustecká


TING is a young czech architectural office, formed by highly skilled and experienced architects, providing architecture, interior design, master and urban planning for both public and private sector.

Communication between the client and the architect

As we work with your budget and we try to implement your visions of a place where you want to live, work or perhaps relax, where you want to invest, we emphasize mutual communication throughout preparations and when creating the design. We perceive the relation between architects and client as very open and maximum honest. This allows you to get as much from the cooperation as possible.



1.prize / Competition for Hi-Tech Park in Azerbaijan /

1.prize / Competition for Car Stacker Garage, Prague 1 (Cooperation with Nimbus architects) /

1.prize / Competition fo Extension of the existing aquapark (Cooperation with Nimbus) /

1.prize / Saternus Competition for All Generation Playground /

2.prize / (1.prize not awarded)/Competition for the reconstruction of Jirásek Square, Pilsen /

short list / Bullhorn – Cembrit Design Competition - Suburban railway station/