T. G. Masaryk square

Around the area is bounded by streets and defined by the town block building. The dominant element of the place is the Higher Technical and Secondary Agricultural School, in front of where the square is decomposed. At present the area is grassed from one part and reinforced by the asphalt surface. There are several grown trees in the locality, which are bounded by the square and removed from the adjacent houses. Our proposal retains these trees. The sloping parking spaces in Jiráskova Street will be maintained.

Město Tábor
Ting architects
Parkové úpravy
5 000 m²



Due to its position and spatial context, the square should be a representative entrance for the school building, but at the same time should serve the city’s inhabitants as a pleasant zone. Our aim was to define the main axis of the square and to create a clearly divided area with a clear division. One zone will be part of the utility – dynamic – designed for pedestrians who only pass through the square and do not need to stay here. Part two is conceived rather as resting for residents and visitors who decide to stop here. Nowadays, the character of the area is greatly fragmented, just as the upper layer of its surface.