Transformation of the Perla area

The revitalization of the former Perla textile factory in the city of Ústí nad Orlicí meant to change the former impenetrable, monolithic building that did not communicate with it's surroundings to a modern city space.

Ting architects



The aim of our proposal was to integrate the area into a network of the urban organism while strenghtening its diversity, pleasantness and functional stability. The priority was to preserve the genius loci of the original industrial complex, highlighting its specific character and maximizing its unique energy as an element of mutual communication. The resulting design represents a multifunctional urban complex extending the existing city center and mediating its smooth transition to suburban residential development. In the newly revitalized Perly complex, the city institutions and cultural and social spaces meet, as well as the alternative scene and activities of children and youth, residential houses and business premises, shops and workshops, restaurants and cafes, sports grounds and recreational green areas. The proposed multifunctional use follows the blending of individual activities throughout the day – the revitalized Perly complex does not remain empty from morning to evening.