commercial + public building

Aqualand Moravia

GALLERY THE TARGET Proposed intention to extend the outdoor attractions area of Aqualand Moravia in Pasohlávky with the construction of a new entrance building with summer changing rooms, new toboggan towers, a large family toboggan, a lazy river, a children’s and snorkeling pool, another 3 toboggans, an outdoor toilet pavilion and two refreshment pavilions, all..

Cimex – Parking

GALLERY THE GOAL The design represents an epic facade with openwork in the areas, with outdoor “pockets” for greenery in visually oblique lines and an open staircase. Oblique lines of openwork give the façade an irregular rhythm and a playful, light tone. The facade has an elegant expression by combining two different surfaces and their..

Beersheba day care center

GALLERY THE GOAL During the design of the day care centre, we tried to keep the house open and communicative with its surroundings. At the same time, we also have taken care of the privacy of its clients. The layout of the centre uses the principle of indoor gardens, which ensure a different sincerity while..

Malmi Station

GalLERY The Target Our aim was to make the process of changing or waiting for connections more pleasant for passengers, even so, that they enjoy it. While waiting for the train, passengers can spend time, for example, resting in park or playing petanque. Park, playground and cafe together make a platform that can be used not only by passengers, but also..

Lovosice office

GalLERY The Target Solving problematic connection between new and old was a challenge. The project was even more specified. Investor’s desire was to preserve the original parking and create a restaurant and a nursery for employees.

New School Losbates

GaLlerY THE TARGET The school is a meeting place for several generations. A space that is both open and safe. Enable and encourage the all-round development of personality. The school creates a context and should be a space where the best social connections to which one returns a lifetime are created. We propose such a..


GalLERY THE GOAL The traffic is designed here with a simple crossing and in one-level hierarchy without underpasses nor overpasses. The building is projected so that it does not restrict the main object and is the friendlier to it’s surroundings.

Indor Sport Hall Centre

GalerRY The Target The basis of this project was to create an object which on the one hand incorporates with the mass of greenery and from the city centre it doesn’t have strong visual impact. On the other hand it has strong visual effect on the communication with other sides.

Science and engineering centre

Gallery The Target Two relatively small volumes respond, with their shape and placement, to existing buildings and complete the composition of the place. Between two parts of the buildings we left open space visually connected to neighbouring park square. The demolition of the original building allowed that there is a view over the city from..

VODŇANY – cultural centre

GalLERY The Target The green stripe on the former walls borders the old part of the city and separates the transportation from the today’s park and there stands a little bit forgotten cultural house. That is why we are approaching the city with a new house following the significantly simplified mass of the current building...